The Spiritual Nature of Liberty

The more time Iíve spent on developing my thoughts on liberty over the years, the more frequently Iíve found that they have been more and more taking on a spiritual aspect, to the point that Iíve come to the epiphany that the true nature liberty is the greatest spiritual property of man. At first it started out drifting towards a philosophical context where the question about liberty and rights are presented in terms of reason and logic or common sense. From there little bits of spiritual connections would arise while exploring these questions that started me on a path that eventually led me to a complete revolution of mind and soul. It has a once placed before me a perfectly clear lens from which I see both my true purpose and the world as it truly is.

Of all the founding fathers I believe Jefferson to be the one who came the closest to perfecting the connection spiritual nature of liberty to the soul. Considering he was an enlightenment age deist, makes it all the more interesting that he could be capable of such sublime and poignant insights, at least at first glance. Itís my belief that the exercising of mans faculties, his divinely gifted toolset, applied by reason derived from the courage and exertion to face truth, is all one needs to be spiritually guided to love, virtue and peace. Jefferson mastered many things in his life, but I find the art of his ability to reason, and articulate truth with his felicity of expression, unequaled in the history of modern man. It is a standard of existence that Iím both inspired by, and aspire to.

As my new enlightenment further evolved, I began noticing an alienation from the normal world. It became perfectly clear that this spiritual drive was, in all but the rarest cases, completely lacking from the normal man. The questions that I struggle with now are: is there any way to bring this message to all those who would be likewise inspired? Should I form a church of some type? While on the topic of church, I find that when I sit in our church, thereís a vacuum of deep spiritual energy, of the sort Iíve found with my testimony on the nature of liberty. They worship the structured system of predefined doctrine, rather than exploring who they really are, and what does liberty truly mean. I mean to stand completely spiritually naked in the mirror of oneís soul and demand the answer of oneself: who am I, am I free? I wonder: Where can one go to feast on this kind of spiritual food, is there anyone else who has or wants to go there?

Iíve also found that in the course of this evolution, that attempting to communicate with others, even those in the community of the growing freedom movement, coming from this deep level, that they canít or wonít grasp the depth of these connections; itís as if I were speaking a foreign language. Itís also rare, even among the most revered and popular of the proponents of liberty, that they also make and communicate this connection. Itís my belief that absent this spiritual connection, the so-called fight for liberty is both meaningless and ultimately futile.

Allow me to be blunt: what Iíve seen this freedom movement turning into is a mass of pseudo patriotic bitching artists; Who blur terms like privilege and right, let alone prove themselves capable distinguish between inalienable and civil rights, or substantive versus procedural due process; who merely seek to impose what they approve of by decree of the force of law upon those they deem a threat to their superior moral objectives. These are all recipes for tyranny and disaster. I guess it should be no surprise that I feel as isolated as I do, though thereís a small part of me that wants to hope thereís enough time and will left for this true awakening.

I believe this nation, if not world, are at a serious cross roads, where the final showdown between liberty and control will clash in an epic battle for the soul of man. The stakes couldnít be higher, nor the required sacrifice demanded of those who truly know and love liberty. If by chance this little essay should inspire a broad awareness to the points expressed herein, I pledge to stand ready to join with those who share this spiritual revelation, with all my heart, mind and soul to the next, and ultimate, evolution of liberty.